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Will OnePlus 6 have waterproof feature? Do you think it is one of the important features on a flagship phone?

How important is smartphone water resistance? Do you think it is one of the important features on a flagship phone? Will OnePlus include this feature on its upcoming OnePlus 6? Let’s see..

The common waterproof definition is “impervious to water.” Smartphones are not truly impervious to water, but instead are resistant to water in certain circumstances. What you might also be surprised to learn is that those circumstances can be quite specific. The highest smartphone water resistance rating right now is IP68, which means certified devices can survive in 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes, although many OEMs define their own test parameters.

There is nothing official about the OnePlus 6 yet, probably except that it will launch this year. But that doesn’t mean that there is no information available about the phone. According to latest leak: OnePlus 6 has Snapdragon 845 and 19:9 notched display, benchmark screenshots.

What exactly OnePlus 6 should have. OnePlus has tried to ensure that its phones are fast, have displays that are above average, have cameras that are good enough, and battery life that at least lasts a day.

Here is what I believe the OnePlus 6 will certainly have: If OnePlus 6 can improve the design – One thing, however, that most users will love is the waterproof feature. Even if the design of the OnePlus 6 is same as that of the OnePlus 5T, if it is waterproof – and certified as such – that would make a lot of prospective users happy.

But adding water resistance may not just affect the costs of a device either, but what it’s like to use. Still, water resistance is regarded as a premium feature. Repairing a water-damaged phone is usually costly as it requires dismantling the handset.

What I am looking, OnePlus 6 will be the OnePlus 5T with waterproof design. And for its price, this would be a killer phone. The OnePlus 6 will be coming in May or June. OnePlus 5T launched in November last year, is so good that there isn’t much obvious that the OnePlus 6 can improve in a significant way over it.

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