Xiaomi Won’t Increase Its Smartphone Prices In India

Xiaomi India’s Managing Director, and Vice President of Xiaomi Global, Manu Kumar Jain, confirmed after the event, that Xiaomi is not planning to increase price points of its smartphones, despite low margins.

Some rumors have been claiming that Xiaomi may increase price points of its smartphones in India, due to increased import duties on components, but that will not happen, it seems.

Manu Kumar Jain clearly said that the company will continue selling low-priced smartphones in the country, and that increased component import duties will not affect the company’s pricing structure.

Now, in addition to that. Mr. Jain explained that Xiaomi is working on a strategy which will make sure that increased import duty on components does not impact the company.

Now, the Indian government did increased import duties for components, as it wants to push its ‘Make in India’ initiative, which gives a number of incentives to companies which manufacture their products in the country, no matter if we’re talking about components, smartphones, or whatever else.
Source: India Times Via: GizmoChina

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